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Let’s say you’ve been a Project Manager for many years and moved on to the next “job” in project management to become a Agile PM/ScrumMaster. But, instead of a “job” you found a calling and you not only like the agile world, you love it.  That’s what happened to Padmini Nidumolu.

After a few years as a practicing Agile PM/ScrumMaster, Padmini’s natural question was, “How do I get to do more of this agile thing that I love?”  Over time, her question shifted to, “How do I become a really good Agile Coach?” which is when we sat down together to explore the question and offer some answers.

Here’s a guide book to the conversation:
1:50 Padmini says: “I found various websites and various certification bodies. There are a lot of options out there, CSP, CSM — it’s like a potpourri of alphabets which really don’t make sense to everyone.  I want to learn a methodical approach for how I can work myself up from being a CSM all the way to Agile Coach.”
In Lyssa’s answer, learn about:
  • An Agile Coaching learning path which is separate from certifications, but participates with various certifications.
  • How the Learning Path is transparent, and shows how to progress from level to level without it being a big mystery.
3:51 Lyssa runs down the certifications available at Scrum Alliance to develop one’s self as an Agile Coach and how Agile Coaching Institute’s courses contribute to those.
5:30 Padmini asks: “With ACI being accredited with Scrum Alliance, does that put us well on our way to become a CST and a CSC?”  In Lyssa’s answer, learn about the difference between CST and CSC and how that relates to coaching courses.
7:03 Lyssa runs down the certifications available at ICAgile and how they work.
In Lyssa’s answer, learn about:
  • Continuing education certifications for attending classes and attaining learning objectives — like getting credits in a University.
  • ICAgile gives you the materials you will be scored on when you go for the ICAgile Expert certification.
  • Even if you don’t care about certifications, the materials for the ICAgile Expert gate tell you what level of skill and competence is expected, so you can use it to develop yourself.

Video 2 starts with Padmini’s question: “What can we expect in your classes and what beyond what ACI offers is needed to fill the gap at ScrumAlliance or ICAgile?”
In Lyssa’s answer, learn about:
  • How the Coaching Agile Teams class and The Agile Facilitator class cover all the agile coaching learning objectives.
  • How you can take them separately and in a bootcamp format.
  • How you can get close the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world competence through ACI’s mentoring program, and how the mentoring program builds your competence with skill drills and scored supervisions.
3:30 Padmini asks: “Does ACI provide any certification?”
In Lyssa’s answer, learn about:
  • ACI’s competence-based certification after taking the classes and mentoring program.
  • ACI’s transformation agile coaching certification beyond that.

Announcing an Exciting New Workshop for Agile Managers!

by Michael Hamman December 19, 2014

In my 11 years coaching in agile enterprises, it has struck me that while we in the Agile community continue to develop ever greater tools and practices supporting the evolution of agile teams, programs, and agile coaches, it remains the case that very little has been offered for agile managers and leaders: no coherent set […]

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Agile Enterprise Transformation – Michael’s book excerpt

by Michael K. Spayd January 9, 2014

Well, I am proud and gratified to be able to release the first complete version of Downloading the Integral Operating System: A Framework of Enterprise Agile Transformation. I am very grateful for all the feedback we have received from the two Deep-Dive Study Groups and numerous class and conference presentations of the framework. I am especially grateful to my two friends and colleagues, Lyssa Adkins and Michael Hamman (co-author of the Integral Agile chapter) for their tireless and selfless support of this project.

I am hopeful the Integral Agile Framework will start a new, more inclusive, multi-perspective conversation on what enterprise agility means, how we can get there, and what our role is in such a world transformation.

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ACI’s Agile Coach Bootcamp

by Michael K. Spayd August 3, 2013

Agile Coach Bootcamp to Launch at Agile 2013 We are both pleased and proud to announce the launch of Agile Coach Bootcamps at the Agile 2013 conference this week. These Bootcamps targeted to Scrum Masters, agile coaches, agile project managers and other team leaders who want the full range of competencies and mindsets required for […]

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Agile Coach Certifications and ACI

by Lyssa January 26, 2013

The mission of Agile Coaching Institute has always been to develop agile coaches into the change agents we know they want to be, and that today’s organizations desperately need.  To this end, we have focused on creating a “pathway” for agile coach development and have been working over the past two years with certification organizations. […]

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Just Me and My Kanban Board

by Lyssa October 28, 2012

You probably don’t remember that song that goes, “Just me and my shadow, walking down the avenue.”  Well, suffice it to say that the song rolled through my head one long weekend, only it was “Just me and my Kanban board, gettin’ all this work pulled through.”  (If you know the tune, sing it in […]

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What’s so great about assisting an ACI class?

by Lyssa July 26, 2012

Assistants continue to rave about the experience from the “back of the room” as an ACI assistant.  You might recall that it felt a little unusual to have an assistant or two sitting behind you, and then by the end of the class you couldn’t imagine how it would have been without them.  Yes, assistants […]

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