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Most companies that transition to Agile do so because they want the speed and innovation that Agile promises. However, to realize that organizations need solid Agile Coaches to help establish the deep, institutional capability required to become a truly agile organization. Team agility is a first step, but ultimately withers without organizational agility. Organizational agility requires an agile coaching capability to establish self-organized teams (a new organization innovation), as well as a new form of agile leadership amongst management, and a re-thinking of organizational structures, policies and culture.

Most ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches inside organizations are assigned to the role by default, quite often without the requisite skill to foster team agility, much less organizational agility. Yet, this is precisely what organizations need of them. To answer the need, an internal agile coaching capability must be built. In our years developing agile coaches, we see that the creating internal agile coaching capability is not only possible, it is quite straightforward.

In this whitepaper we answer these key questions:
Why do Organizations Need an Agile Coaching Capability?
What Business Benefits would an Internal Agile Coaching Capability Make Available?
What are the Broad Functions for an Agile Coaching Capability?
What are the Developmental Levels of an Agile Coaching Capability?
How Do Organizations Build an Agile Coaching Capability?
What Should You Expect from Competent Coaches?

Read the full white paper: Developing an Internal Agile Coaching Capability

Want us to help you build your internal agile coaching capability? We know how to do it, and would be happy to help. Contact us.


The Agile Manager’s Practice: Seeding and Cultivating Agile Champions

by Michael Hamman September 2, 2015

As we all know, the job of the Agile manager is challenging. One of the manager’s biggest challenges is giving up the old mindset that managing is about ‘driving to results.’  In fact, as we teach in our Managing Agile Environments class, one of the mindset shifts which the agile manager undergoes is the shift from […]

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Agile Coaching Then and Now: Why We HAD to Update the Coaching Agile Teams Class

by Lyssa March 31, 2015

When we started teaching the Coaching Agile Teams class back in 2010, the field was different: it was more about teaching teams the basics of Agile, then standing back to watch the magic. Now, teams (and their coaches and ScrumMasters) are faced with pressures and complexities that make the job considerably more difficult. The pressure […]

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How Do I Become An Agile Coach?
(If I’m an Agile PM/ScrumMaster)

by Lyssa March 9, 2015

Let’s say you’ve been a Project Manager for many years and moved on to the next “job” in project management to become a Agile PM/ScrumMaster. But, instead of a “job” you found a calling and you not only like the agile world, you love it.  That’s what happened to Padmini Nidumolu. After a few years […]

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Announcing an Exciting New Workshop for Agile Managers!

by Michael Hamman December 19, 2014

In my 11 years coaching in agile enterprises, it has struck me that while we in the Agile community continue to develop ever greater tools and practices supporting the evolution of agile teams, programs, and agile coaches, it remains the case that very little has been offered for agile managers and leaders: no coherent set […]

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Agile Enterprise Transformation – Michael’s book excerpt

by Michael K. Spayd January 9, 2014

Well, I am proud and gratified to be able to release the first complete version of Downloading the Integral Operating System: A Framework of Enterprise Agile Transformation. I am very grateful for all the feedback we have received from the two Deep-Dive Study Groups and numerous class and conference presentations of the framework. I am especially grateful to my two friends and colleagues, Lyssa Adkins and Michael Hamman (co-author of the Integral Agile chapter) for their tireless and selfless support of this project.

I am hopeful the Integral Agile Framework will start a new, more inclusive, multi-perspective conversation on what enterprise agility means, how we can get there, and what our role is in such a world transformation.

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ACI’s Agile Coach Bootcamp

by Michael K. Spayd August 3, 2013

Agile Coach Bootcamp to Launch at Agile 2013 We are both pleased and proud to announce the launch of Agile Coach Bootcamps at the Agile 2013 conference this week. These Bootcamps targeted to Scrum Masters, agile coaches, agile project managers and other team leaders who want the full range of competencies and mindsets required for […]

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