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Coaching Agile Teams:
The Mindset and Skills of Great Agile Coaching

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A Three Day Workshop for Experienced Agilists


Coaching Agile Teams  is a three day class for experienced Agilists who wish to dramatically increase their overall agile coaching skills, including in the areas of Teaching, Mentoring, Facilitation, and Professional Coaching. Further, the class covers basics of team dynamics, team startup/reset, the individual change cycle, helping people through agile role transitions,and working with team conflict. The course is highly interactive and experiential: we have never had anyone complain of being bored! The 3-day course results in  a class certification in Agile Coaching by the International Consortium for Agile within their Agile Facilitation and Coaching track and counts as 21 SEUs by the Scrum Alliance.


Who Would Benefit from the Class


  • Experienced ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers or Iteration Managers who want a fuller understanding of the complete range of agile coaching skills.

  • Agile Coaches who want expand their skill set and gain the ability to break-through previously intractable problems on their teams.

  • Agile managers, Product Owners and others wishing to access a broader range of skills in working with their teams.


Additionally, this class is for you if:


  • You’ve had a few experiences as an agile coach and it just doesn’t seem to be working for you.

  • You are not sure if the agile coach role is really right for you.

  • Your job has become routine and your  teams just seem to be going through the motions.

  • Your teams understand the practices and are doing ok, but not getting the fabulous results you imagined.

  • You’re are an awesome agile coach who wants additional skills to help you become a Certified Scrum Coach.

  • You are spread across many agile teams because your managers think agile coaching is not a full-time job.




This is decidedly not a beginning agile class, but also not an advanced one. It is an intermediate course for practitioners with at least 6 months of hands-on agile experience. You should also be grounded in Agile Fundamentals (IC Agile Certified Professional), a Certified ScrumMaster, or equivalent agile training.  The course builds directly on your agile team experience –  without this, you and your colleagues will get a less than fulfilling experience. The class prepares you to act as a leader on agile teams and leave with ideas for helping them as soon as you get back.


Outcomes the Class Will Produce


While mastering agile coaching  skills will require both time and practice, our class will allow you to:


  • Understand and utilize the four key Skill Areas and four Knowledge Areas applied by the best agile coaches (ACI’s Agile Coaching Competency Framework)

  • Practice techniques for deep listening and asking essential, powerful questions.

  • Practice the distinction between coaching and mentoring and know when to apply each most successfully.

  • Observe a live, professional coaching demo on a situation in the agile context.

  • Understand how to address some of the dysfunctional approaches to conflict  team’s sometimes develop.

  • Understand a model for human change and a method for working with such change

  • You’ll walk away from the course with your personal coaching improvement backlog – a tangible plan you can use to thoughtfully improve your coaching when you’re back on the job.


You’ll have many new things to try with your teams and you will probably depart with a few provocative ideas to chew on (in fact, maybe wrangle with for a while). All of these outcomes add up to your ability to become the excellent agile coach your teams need.

In addition,


  • This class satisfies the Agile Coach portion of classroom learning for the IC Agile Facilitation & Coaching track.

  • 21 Scrum Alliance SEUs toward the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) level.

  • 21 PMI PDUs.




Coaching Agile Teams is a training experience that covers both the being and the doing of agile coaching.  There’s a lot to learn, experience and practice! At the end of the course, you will be capable of applying many new tools and techniques, as well as your own mindset changes, to coach agile teams to high performance. As practical as it is provocative, the Coaching Agile Teams course challenges agile coaches to rise to the fullest expression of their role. Topics include:


  • What is Agile Coaching? :: Why is it Important?

  • The Being and the Doing of Agile Coaching

  • Skills for Coaching Teams, Team Members, Product Owners, Managers, Stakeholders

  • Advanced facilitation techniques for team startups

  • Basic professional coaching skills and their use

  • Key role transitions for project managers, testers, tech leads and managers

  • How people change and what it means for agile role transitions

  • Coaching Styles and When to Use Them

  • Setting the Environment for High Performance Teams

  • Team dynamics & health

  • Detecting and Solving Problems

  • Starting up Great Teams :: Repairing Existing Teams

  • Working with Conflict Rather than Mediating or “Fixing” IT

  • Agile Coach Failure, Recovery and Success Modes

  • Agile Coaches as Professionals


Foundational Models


  • ICAgile Agile Coach  learning objectives

  • Select ICF Professional Coach Competencies

  • ACI’s Agile Coaching Competency Model




Length: Three days


Hours:  9 am to 5 pm each day with a lunch break.

Continuing Education Units: Continuing education units can be obtained for ICAgile (class certification in Agile Coaching),, Scrum Alliance (21 SEUs), and Project Management Institute (21 SEUs).

Cost (North American locations):  $2,050. This includes all class materials, morning or noon meal, and snacks. Of that amount, $150 is a non refundable (but transferable) deposit. When you register 5 weeks or more prior to class, a $200 discount may be taken.

Cost (Europe, Asia, others): Please contact us for pricing in other locations.

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