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Ongoing Coach Development

Ongoing development is key for agile coaches.  It’s a hard job.  Reinforcement is vital.  For this reason, ACI offers:

Coaching and Mentoring Circles

Six agile coach colleagues and one master coach form a coaching or mentoring circle. Using coaching, dyadic and accelerated learning formats, these circles create a powerful container to advance coach’s learning and growth. Over a period of three months, the circle moves through a learning curriculum. Participants create their own development goals and the group helps them hold accountability to those goals, as well as providing feedback and support.

CAT-Integration “3rd Day”

Building on ACI’s wildly successful coaching circles format, CAT Integration “3rd Day” is an instructor-led distance learning format that covers the 3rd day material of the Coaching Agile Teams class, while also activating you to take the tools and mindset changes from the class into your agile coaching — for real and for keeps.

TCS Integration

TCS Integration is a tele-practicum for students who have completed The Coaching Stance class and wish to deepen their agile coaching practice. TCS Integration solidifies the professional coaching skills you learned in class, allowing you to integrate them as you work with the difficult, and even previously intractable, situations that don’t have a straightforward “agile practices answer.”