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Through a mixture of work/life coaching and agile mentoring, provided by your master agile coach and deepened by your peers, you discover the next step toward your unique brand of excellent agile coaching.  And then your next and then your next.  You will learn about specific agile topics and discover the tools and techniques you need to be an excellent agile coach, all the while being simultaneously supported and challenged as you strive toward your vision of a great agile coach.  How much mentoring or coaching is delivered in each session is co-designed by the session participants and the master coach.  You get what you need.

If you’re asking questions like these, then we welcome you into a Coaching & Mentoring Circle.

  • Why don’t people change even though agile is clearly better?
  • How do I help them face the hard things, like the organizational impediments that come up?
  • How do I become more of a coach and less of a project leader?
  • How do I help the team and the organization learn to do agile well?
  • How can I continue to expand my knowledge so I can best help when unexpected things happen?
  • How can I help the organization deal with the big impediments that hold us all back?
  • What is it in the way that I work and see the world that holds them back?

How it works…Coaching & Mentoring Circles:

  • are comprised of six agile coaches plus your master agile coach
  • are conducted on the phone every other week for 90-minutes each call
  • include a virtual community environment that’s private to you and your peers, but situated within a community of everyone who’s been in a previous Circle.  It’s a rich place!
  • cost $200 USD per month per coach
  • last for 3 months, with the option to extend after that time
  • typically have agile coaches from around the world in them
  • are for agile coaches ready to do the active work of learning, trying and improving — both on the calls and between calls

Do you want in?

Coaching & Mentoring Circles start regularly. Please email us to express your interest, and request more information.

Past Circle Participants Say…

The agile coaches circle has really been helpful to me. Working with Lyssa and other agile coaches has been an encouragement when going through difficult situations in coaching. Having a group of peers to work with has proved helpful in getting another perspective on the issues that are faced in adopting Agile in a large enterprise.

Lyssa does a great job of coaching the team so we can improve our coaching skills. She leads by example which is a very effective way to coach.

- Del Hagar, agile coach and coaching circle client

I joined one of Lyssa’s coaching circles earlier this year, and we’ve kept it going because the learnings have been so rich.
Agile coaching is hard, and often it is difficult to find peers with the same level of dedication to improvement in your own organisation. Lyssa’s circle has exposed me to a group of peers to share my learnings with and to learn from them. I think that a large amount of the growth I have experienced as a coach this year, has been sparked by this circle.
I am also constantly amazed by Lyssa’s expert facilitation skills, and the safe space she manages to create telephonically. Observing her in action, helps me understand the kind of behaviour I need to model as a coach. I highly recommend her coaching circles to anyone looking to grow as a coach and a person. Another great thing is that you can join from anywhere in the world. I am thrilled to have access to such an awesome coach, all the way down here in South Africa!

- Karen Greaves, agile coach and coaching circle client

I have learned so much with all my interactions with Lyssa, from my first view of her youtube videos, through Agile Conference sessions and finally in our own little coaching circle. All I can say is I hope to continue learning from her for the duration! She is truly a harbinger of the radical.

- Allison Weiss, agile coach and coaching circle client

I just completed a coaching circle with Lyssa and 5 others. We started in May and had six (I think!) hour and 1/2 telephone discussions regarding agile coaching. It was very helpful to me as a newbie SM and coach; there were rich insights, observations, and suggestions. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

- Kathy Aragon, agile coach and coaching circle client

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Karen Greaves June 28, 2012 at 5:01 am

I highly recommend these circles for agile coaches. I’ve blogged about the benefits I received here:


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