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Organization Breakthroughs

Agile’s intent is to bring our awareness to the need for change and it does that quite well, sometimes painfully so. By its nature, agile brings change. All kinds of change. All the time. Some of it quite big. In the midst of that change, it can sometimes seem like agile has hit the “glass ceiling” or, if you’re just starting out, there may be so many divergent viewpoints on agile, how to do it, what the organization needs, and what the organization’s culture will tolerate.

To work with the change that’s trying to happen, and to amplify your organization’s healthy use of agile and ability to sustain it over time, ACI offers these organizational services:

    • Breakthough Coaching™ works at the systems level to address the interdepartmental and inter-level organizational impediments uncovered by agile. Or, if you are just getting started, Breakthrough Coaching™ increases departmental alignment, providing a solid footing to avoid future impediments.
    • Internal Agile Coaching Programs. We believe agile should flourish long after the agile consultants have exited the scene.  For this to happen, organizations must develop their internal agile coaching capability. Since we do not do implementation consulting (with its inherent self-interest conflicts), ACI is uniquely positioned to co-create just such a program with your organization.
    • Agile Coach Competency Self-Assessment.  As step #1 in your internal coach development program, or as a stand-alone session, the guided self-assessement provides agile coaches with a straight-line view of their competency in 8 areas critical to agile coaching success.  From here, they create their personal and organizational development plans.